Irish Goodbye

Once I return from a trip, it’s hard to believe the experiences I gained actually happened. Plus3 Ireland was nothing short of an event-filled, successful trip. Going into it, I genuinely did not know what to expect, which could be explained by my poor packing choices. The moment we stepped into the Microsoft headquarters, I instantly felt grateful for what was yet to come. 

I feel as though I slightly rediscovered myself on this trip. For a while, it was hard to remember the adventurous, brave person I truly am, and traveling always reminds me of that person. I’ve always known that I want to one day take business to the world, and the experiences I had showed me many opportunities I hadn’t known before. It was refreshing to see the diversity in personalities that are successful at the companies we visited in Dublin. The leaders we met came from a vast range of educational backgrounds. Although I enjoyed learning about the history of Dublin, the best knowledge I gained was from listening to each of clients’ stories. 

Not only have I developed personally, this experience allowed me to develop as a professional as well. I learned how to properly and professionally gain knowledge from each professional we met. 

Before this trip, I didn’t know any of the other students besides a few being in some of my classes. Being thrown into this trip and having to collaborate with peers I hadn’t known taught me how to be adaptable. I typically take a while to warm up to others if I’m going to be spending two weeks with them. It was challenging to feel comfortable at first but I gained some amazing friends along the way, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the people I met and the places I’ve seen. 

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