The Final Days (May 18th / May 19th)

Wednesday, May 18th was the day that each group would present their final projects. The morning before we presented, my group met up with another group in order to practice and get feedback. Everyone was nervous and on edge that morning. When it was time for everyone to finally present, we were assigned a random number to determine the order we would go in. Of course my group and I wanted to go first, and of course that didn’t happen. We were the 3rd group to go, which allowed us to observe how some other groups did, without having the anxiety that comes with going dead last. The process of completing the project leading up to this point was great. Everyone in my group was super hard working, dedicated, and worked well together. It was a honor to work with the German students especially (shout out to Julia, Mythili, and Lisa). The German students provided different perspectives and made us all feel welcome and included. When it was finally our time to present, time went so fast. I was the second to last person to present in my group, and we only had a few minutes left by the time it was my turn. I knew that Daniel, the group member who presented after me, had a lot more content to get through then me. So I rushed through my part in order to give him more time to talk, which wasn’t hard considering I talk really fast when I am nervous. When we finished our presentation, I felt really good about what we had delivered. I couldn’t have been more proud to be apart of team BMW!

The next day was our free day, and our last day in the country. Everyone bought train tickets to Salzburg, Austria and we planned to spend the day there. We had to take two trains to get there, and we managed to get everyone to Salzburg in one piece. This would be my second taste of independence (sorta) in a new city. There was so much to do and so much to see that we almost didn’t make it to the attraction that we all bought tickets for, the incline that took us to the fortress. The fortress was a maze made up of museums, restaurants, towers, and even a cemetery, and my group and I got lost multiple times. I am grateful that I got to have this experience on the last day of the trip. I felt a lot more comfortable with the group and I felt comfortable being in a foreign country and I didn’t need someone to hold my hand the entire way through it.

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