Go to Germany, Make Your Family Jealous

Today we visited Webasto followed by the BMW World and museum.  The day was crazy packed full of stuff but I had so much fun.  We started our day at Webasto and heard a presentation about car chargers and moving towards emobility.  A lot of this trip has focused on emobility.  In the US, we don’t really have “emobility” or at least have a name for it that compares.  Emobility is the nickname for electric mobility.  I think this is because Europe, and the EU specifically, are really pushing to reduce emissions and increase electric mobility.  Webasto makes sunroofs, charging systems, and heating/cooling systems.  In addition to the lecture, we also toured their development and testing facility for their roofs.  They have a seven step process for testing their roofs.  Since it was a roof testing center, we did not see any charging or heating and cooling systems.  Webasto is my company to do the final project on.  It was amazing to be able to ask questions and get valuable insight into their business practices.  After Webasto, we had a mini lunch on the bus.   Following that, we went on a BMW Factory Tour.  We were able to go into the factory and watch all the steps of building a BMW.  It was especially interesting seeing this from a luxury car brand but also from a brand that does everything in house.  All parts are produced and or built in house.  With this, you can imagine the long process it takes to produce any car.  That’s why each factory specializes on around 3 models to produce, all based on what sells in that area.  BMW got their production process down so well that a new BMW rolls off the lot every minute.  In addition, they offer amazing employee benefits to all employees.  

I remember thinking that my family would love to be inside the plant since they are huge car fans.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos on the plant tour.  The museum tour was a different story.  I took about 100 photos I plan on sending to my family.  It was interesting to see the evolution of airplane engines, motorcycles, race cars, and everyday drivers.  The museum was set up where it had a topic and part of a timeline to show such great improvements over time.  Both the factory tour and museum tour were guided.  On the tour, we only skipped one room, and I was very disappointed about it.  The whole room was old marketing and advertising.  I love seeing old advertisements and seeing how people thought back decades or even centuries ago, especially for a luxury products.  After the BMW tour, we came back to Augsburg for an individual dinner and to work on our projects.  

The day was full of information.  First, for my final presentation, I now have a lot of good notes to use in my final presentation.  Then, for a little fun, I plan on sharing all the photos and videos from BMW with my family, and making them jealous. After over 20,000 steps, I needed to go bed. I’ve found relaxing and recharging necessary since the next few days will be just as busy.

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