University of Augsburg Transfer Student?

Today was our first full day in Augsburg.  For me, this is the first step toward letting our bodies fully adjust and eat three full meals at expected times.  We started with breakfast at the hotel which we will do every morning.  I was surprised to see a different variety of carbs that did not include pastries, bagels, donuts, or pancakes but just a waffle maker, small bread loaves, and crackers.  I also tried a variety of cold cut meats they had.  Our hotel has a fancy coffee maker.  I plan on trying something different every day.  One small thing I failed to mention earlier was the fact that I do not know Germany, like at all.   So I tried to be very adventurous at breakfast and hoped I would continue to be more adventurous and try to speak the language later on.

After breakfast, we traveled to the University of Augsburg to meet up with the students again and work on our first presentation together.  The campus was nice and was only recently created in the 1970s.  We were split into groups and assigned a company we were planning on visiting in the upcoming week.  While working with these students, I realized that I need to stop talking so fast. I talk fast in general and hearing me speak while trying to understand it as a second language is near impossible.   The Augsburg students have very good English so I sometimes use big words or talk really fast on accident.  We were given a short time to create our presentation about our company. Everyone just did an overview of their companies before we visited them.  We gave presentations followed by lunch in the University of Augsburg cafeteria.  The presentations given by my peers covered the other four companies we would visit.  As someone who has not heard of every company we would visit, it was nice to know some background on the company and what they make.

We then proceeded to do a small university tour followed by a larger Augsburg city tour in three different groups.  The tour covered a lot of fun places and historic sites.  We explored two different churches that were absolutely stunning.  In addition, our tour guides pointed out amazing bars and places to eat.  We had to ask a lot of locals questions as well which was definitely interesting.  I found that the younger generations were more willing to speak to us, and most of them understood English. Older generations were not so friendly and would often wave us away when we asked if they spoke English. We all met up again at a little Italian restaurant.  I could not read the menu but I just wanted a regular pizza with just cheese.  When I received my pizza, it was just sauce on the pizza bread base.  I said only cheese and I think the lady heard “ohne cheese” which means without cheese.  Needless to say, dinner was not my favorite.  

Not only was the day tiring due to jetlag, but with the city tour, I was beyond exhausted.  I honestly cannot wait to go to bed!  Much more to come with better meals to look forward to.  

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