Long Time to Reflect at the Airport

Reflecting on the wonderful experience in Dublin and Ireland as a whole has a couple of solid takeaways. Before arriving, I knew the tech industry was crucial to Ireland; now, it seems even more integrated than I previously thought. Hearing Dr. Kelly talking about his personal experiences through the change in the education system, the influx of highly-skilled workers, and a housing shortage affecting all old and young, presented the change in the economic landscape on a more personable level. The lack of housing disproportionately affects local citizens as the high-paying tech and financial jobs are appointed to foreign people. While the numbers in terms of the economy sound great, everything can not be perfect.

Covid definitely has altered the workspace for everyone, but the ideas have stayed the same. The importance of relationship development was ever-present surrounding any interaction I had, casual on the streets or in an office. The idea of getting to each other more is essential but a trend I think will continue as people realize the importance of connections during the lockdowns.

Interacting with the companies as a consultant after experiencing the business culture is a vital experience as I take a couple more steps into the corporate world. Listening to Rob Cullen, the who you know is important, but the who knows you is more important. This ties into the relationship-building culture of Ireland, which can be developed through interactions with clients. Also, in a world of data and attempting to sift and find helpful information, the development of thoughtful questions to ask, enabling the work to be completed, is crucial. There may only be a couple of interactions in a limited time to unearth all necessary information. Hence, developing the skill of asking the right questions at the right time.

I learned a lot about myself throughout the two weeks. A given, traveling with a group of people I do not know is an experience always to take, putting myself out there. The most important skill I learned was making thoughtful observations and interactions with the surrounding area to achieve a better understanding. Too often, things are overlooked or rushed by, but taking time to step into the environment yields wonderful outcomes.

Thank you Ireland.

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