Adventure 2: Vegan Burgers & Augsburg Scavenger Hunt

I woke up around 7 today and took a shower, got ready and then headed down to breakfast. And when I got down I was in bread heaven, they had croissants, pain au chocolate, pretzel and beautiful dinner rolls (find the name of this bread lol). I got a plate and started to stack on scrambled eggs, lingonberry jam, a dinner roll, a coruscant and tried multi juice for the first time. The bread was so light and fluffy and the croissant was so beautifully rolled, I could see every micro layer of the pastry. The best way to describe the multi juice would be a mix of apple, orange, carrot and mango juice and it quickly became my favorite juice. What a way to start the day! 

We then took Tram 3 to the university. The public transportation system here is so fascinating, the tram came exactly at 8:27, no later and no sooner and we got to university in about 15 minutes. It was so easily accessible and made me think back to the Port Authority buses in Pittsburgh and wished the gettin place to place was as easy as it was here. When we arrived we walked to their business/ economics building to meet the German students for our first class together! We were instructed to meet with our groups and make an introductory presentation for our company. My group was assigned Grob Werke, so we set off into the campus for a place to work. Another aspect that I admired was the amount of green space that they had, such as a picnic area, a full pond and they even had a campus cat! We sat at a picnic bench and got our work done and presented it to the class. By that time it was lunchtime and so we headed to the Mensa (their cafeteria). It seemed like it was peak lunchtime, so it was very crowded, but that just added to the experience! For lunch, I got a vegan burger, a cucumber cup, a fruit cup, and broccoli and everything was delicious! The vegan burger was made of potato, arugula and had a tangy mango sauce. We then set off on a scavenger hunt led by some of the Germans that would be studying abroad at Pitt during the fall semester. Our group was split into 3 different teams so it was truly survival of the fittest in a foreign area. So, we headed into downtown Augsburg and visited the local church (Basilica of SS. Ulrich and Afra, Augsburg), the Old Town Hall, and Perlach Tower. A fun fact that I learned about the church is that it is a combined Protestant and Catholic church, as the larger church is catholic and there is a smaller church attached which is Protestant. When we were one the streets and looking for answers on our scavenger hunt, a lovely older gentleman gave us a very in depth history of how in the late century when there was conflict between protestants and catholics, Augsburg was one of the places were both religions were respected and lived in peace, unlike large parts of the country. 

Campus Nook!
Exploring in the city!

For dinner, we headed for some authentic Italian food at Dragone. I ordered a 4 cheese pizza called Pizza quattro formaggi and it was topped with hints of blue cheese and it was delicious! I was surprised though because they do not pre cut the pizza in Europe and so I really had to work my fork and knife to eat my pizza. Dinner ended pretty early, so my friends and I decided to go for a walk through Maxmilianstrasse to take in the fresh air. The day ended early after that because we have to be up bright and early tomorrow, for our first company visit! Let’s see what our first German company has to offer! 

4 Cheese Pizza!

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