Adventure 11: Presentation Day

Today’s the day – Presentation Day! I truly can not believe that it is already the day to present our company, the same company that I felt like I was just assigned to in our Sennott Square classroom. Normally, when I have presentations I am very anxious to present, however today I couldn’t be more prepared. 

practice room

The morning started with breakfast as usual and then the American group of GROB headed to the university to practice with the German GROB members before our 3:00pm start time. So I practiced about 3 times beforehand and was ready to go! But before, we had lunch at the Menza and for today’s menu, I had falafel salad and a waffle & mango sauce and a side of fruits. Everything was delicious, especially the salad because all of the vegetables tasted so fresh and lively. Lunch led us to the presentations and we were luckily enough to go first! The presentations took around 3 hours and even though it was long, it was very interesting to see what everyone learned from their own company visits. The last part of the class was us, the American students, giving us our gifts, Pitt shirts to our fellow classmates. We all took a picture and it was very sweet to see how close we all had gotten! 

Right after, we all headed to our last dinner together at Ratskeller. I had something I like to call, “German mac and cheese”, which has more potato consistency and a side salad. We then said our goodbyes to the German students, which was very sad but I am so excited to come back and visit all of my new friends! I have enjoyed learning and exploring with them and hopefully I will get to see them again in the future (hopefully the soon future)!!

last dinner together [bittersweet]

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