Day 7

Today we visited the great city of Munich. We began our day around 9am and hopped on a train around 10am. This was my first time on this train, and it was so cool. The one thing I really love about Germany is all the public transportation. It is so convenient being able to just hop on a train and go where you need to go. Especially because you can get work done and relax.

The train ride only took about 30 minutes and then we were there! My initial thoughts were shocked at how big the city was. We were told it is the 3rd largest city in Germany and it is about the size of Philadelphia. We all began walking to the main center city to meet our tour guide. She was such a sweet person and gave us a really good tour of the city. It lasted about two hours. After this most of the group and I went to a big market and grabbed food. I was basic and got chicken nuggets and French fries. One thing I do not like here is that they do not have ranch dressing. If I ever come back here (I would like to) I will defiantly bring some ranch! Then after we went to a tower near the Rathaus. We walked up 306 stairs to a beautiful view of the city. We even got to see/hear the bells ringing too.

Then we shopped around a little and went to the original Hofbräuhaus. This was super cool especially because in Pittsburgh there is one. Although there was no dancing on tables here, it was still really nice to try some of their food and talk with the rest of the students with me. We also walked over 30,000 that day so it was nice to sit down and enjoy the nice weather.

After a few hours of this we met up at 5:45 and grabbed dinner at a really good burger place. I mean like I really good; I finished the entire thing. I got a burger with goat cheese, bacon, fried egg, arugula, and fig sauce. I also ordered a side of truffle sauce, and it made it even better. It was 100% the best meal I had here. Then we had a few minutes and Lauren and I shopped around. Unfortunately, we ended up getting lost, so we had a mini panic. After we calmed down, we figured it out and got on the train at 7:34pm; the train leaves exactly at 7:35 so we were really cutting it close. In the end it worked out and we made it home safe. After a quick nap the group and I wrote our blogs and explored Augsburg at night.

Talk tomorrow!


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