Day 8-Dachau


We visited Dachau today, the first concentration camp established by the Nazi’s in 1933. The place was way bigger than I thought. It was the size of around 6-8 football fields. Trying to describe what it was like was difficult to explain. In fact I feel the best way to describe it was with silence.

The weather was cold that day and I was wearing a sports jacket and pants in the summer. I bring this up because the prisoners here had to endure worse weather conditions 24/7 with much less clothing. Being here really puts me in the shoes of someone unfortunate enough to subject to the camps. We visited the living quarters which were bigger than I expected, but at the same time, there were thousands and tens of thousands of people being stationed at these camps. We also visited the crematorium, solitary confinement, and the gas chamber. I was surprised to hear however that the gas chamber here was never used. In fact if the SS wanted to use one, they would take these prisoners to a gas chamber hidden underneath a nearby castle.

I feel being there is not really meant to be a tourist attraction where you take pictures and sight see. I think being there is meant to be a place of remembrance and a ceremony to those unfortunate to be here. It is important to never forget what happened here, otherwise it will happen again until we learn from history.

Food I ate today included the basic hotel breakfast, a currywurst at the Dachau cafeteria, and had sausage links w/ rice and fries at a German cookout restaurant in Augsburg. There was not anything to special about the food I ate today. With that I give a 6/10 for my dining experience today.

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