Eighth Day Czech In – New Cultural Norms

Today was an interesting day.  We got to travel to another city in the Czech Republic (Cesky Krumlov) that was about three hours away from Prague.  The city has the second largest castle in all of the Czech Republic!  We actually got to tour the castle and it was a surreal experience.  We got to walk through several rooms, learn the history about the noble families that resided in the castle, and even see some original artifacts dating back hundreds of years!  It was amazing to be surrounded by so much history but then again, that tends to be the case when you’re in the Czech Republic.  The city was also beautiful.  The look and feel of the city was so Medieval that I felt like I was in a town from the Lord of Rings movies.  I enjoyed the trip and it was worth the drive.

Some of the things I’ve noticed while being in the Czech Republic are the local customs of the people here.  One custom that I particularly like is how much people walk and bike here.  In Pittsburgh and certainly in Maryland I feel as if I see most people drive, but here in Prague, it appears as if the majority of people walk or bike or take the transit system.  Walking changes the dynamic of getting from point A to point B; you see more, you experience more.  So many times, I’ll be walking back to the hotel and just run into a hidden gem of a store that has something interesting in it.  If I was driving, I don’t know if that would be the case.  I would say that it’s only because of the tourists here but I see a lot of Czechs casually walking around as well!  This is something I’ll miss for sure.  No matter the hour, I know I can just take a walk to get a meal or take a walk around the square and see painters, musicians, unexpected statues and works of art, the whole nine yards!

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