Heart of Palm & Soccer

When growing heart of palms, the only edible part is about 1 meter above the ground. However, the plant itself could grow up to 10 feet; all the different stocks and branches on it protect the actual heart of palm inside. Today we were shown the different layers that had to be cut and there were multiple just to include the heart of palm at the very end.

They take the seed and plant it into the ground and after around 5 months, it grows to about 2 feet. Already, this process is faster than coffee because harvesting coffee takes at least 3 years to start which can slow down the process of bringing in financial success. The multiple different palm offshoots grow from being split off from the main shoot. These plants need tons of sun and water to keep it growing at a steady rate. Once they chop off the layers of the plant offshoots, it dries and disintegrate into mulch for the ground. All of these palm trees grow year round rather than the coffee beans having specific seasons.

Finally, to end off the night, we all went to watch the fútbol semifinal game between Liga Deportiva Alajuense versus Cartaginés. The energy in the crowd was insane and you could tell everyone was passionate about their team and the sport. They had a designated spot where all the fans of La Liga were chanting and waving flags the entire time. Truly the energy never stopped and it was a great experience; it makes me want to go back again!

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