Today was EPIC


Today we got to visit the EPIC Irish Emigration Museum. This museum was different than any other one I have been to because it is fully digital and interactive. The way it is set up with a theme for each room and a paper passport to stamp in each room is engaging as well. This also gave us to freedom to spend as much time or as little time learning about each topic. This museum tells the story of Irish emigrants, including their motivations for leaving and their achievements. It discusses many different topics, including conflict, leaving, leading change, eating and drinking, and connection. A major theme of this museum is what Irish people bring with them and how they are always tied to Ireland. This is shown in the display in the featured picture. I like this idea because it creates a sense of community and shows the strength of their culture.

We did have previous knowledge going into this experience because of our discussions with Dr. Kelly. However this really brought his stories to life with videos and interactive elements. It also gave specific examples and dove into the lives of people who had this experience. I liked learning about specific authors, inventions, and criminals. My favorite room was the discovering and inventing room because you got to learn about specific accomplishments of Irish people. Some of these people had such a great impact on the world, so it gave perspective on the impact of emigration. These stories really stuck with me and now I have a deeper appreciation for Irish emigration.

After the museum we went to get brunch. We came across this sourdough donut shop and then went next door to this breakfast restaurant and got protein pancakes. Now we are resting up for our long day tomorrow at the Cliffs of Moher.

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