An emotional day

Today was a very emotional day. We started the morning very early visiting a “re-education” concentration camp called Dachua. We had a scheduled tour with a guide who informed us all about what this camp was made for and what happened. Putting this in writing can be very uncomfortable and upsetting so this one will be a little short. Many tears fell this day and not many words could be spoken. It is extremely important to experience this and learn about the worlds past mistakes. The Holocaust is a very emotional topic, but it absolutely needs to be talked about and taught so mistakes and tragedies do not happen again. The conversations we had were shocking and so disgusting to a point where it is almost unbelievable that people could justify the actions that took place. The horrific events that occurred during the 1900’s with the Nazi party are unimaginable and tragic. I am not going into too much detail but I think it is absolutely necessary to learn and visit past events.

After the very emotional visit we all sat down at the hotel and had a debrief. The rest of the day we rested and took the day to ourselves. It was also mothers day so everyone took a moment to call our moms and show our appreciation for them. My roommates and I’s room was an absolute disaster so we decided too clean it up. I can not show the before and after pictures because it is too bad. Normally we are both very clean and organized people, but this trip got the best of us. Everyone went to bed early to prepare for our next day of traveling!

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