Galway Gab

I love being a tourist. Over the past few days we have traveled around Ireland seeing amazing views and historical objects! 

On Saturday we had our first day to Kilkenny and Wicklow, and today we had a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher and Galway and we even saw Barack Obama Plaza! These two days have been absolutely spectacular and I have made memories that I will never forget! 

In my opinion, the beautiful nature of the country gets outshined by Guinness, the pubs and the historical aspects as they are extremely well known worldwide and a staple for Ireland. People who are extremely into the environment and want to travel to places with beautiful nature views may pass over Ireland as a place to visit as they may correlate Ireland as a place to just visit pubs and to see historical sights. If I was in charge of making a sales pitch for Ireland, I would emphasize the beauty of the country’s nature. If we highlight more of the nature and animal aspect, we could possibly expand our target market of tourists who come to Ireland. 

Tourism is great for both local small businesses and larger worldwide businesses as well as maintaining Irish culture. When tourists come to Ireland they have to pay for transportation and will most likely go into some type of shop and support the local businesses. In addition, tourists could go on tours of the cities and the museums which educates them on the local culture which therefore promotes and preserves the local culture.  

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