Today was quite an eventful day. I woke up, had breakfast, and got on the bus to Regensburg. The trip took around two hours and I slept through all of it. When I awoke we were just about there, and we got off and walked across a famously old stone bridge that served as the entrance to the city. We traveled a little further and found our tour guide, who started telling us about the history of the city. The city itself is extremely old, and unlike many other cities around Germany, it mostly survived the bombings during WWII. The city historically was very wealthy, for they traded luxury goods inside the city. There were many towers around the city that were built long ago as a symbol of wealth and power for the trade families who owned them. The roads were all carved out of beautifully-patterned cobblestone, but the centerpiece of the entire town was the gothic-style cathedral. The church was gigantic, with high, sloping arches on the inside and gorgeous stained-glass murals on the walls. The entire shape of the cathedral was like a cross, and they even had a museum section that showcased the gold from the middle-ages, but we were not allowed to enter that.

We then got on the bus and travelled to Walhalla, which was a Parthenon replica constructed in the 19th century. In the middle of our trip our bus ran right through a street sign, so we had to stop to figure that out and see if the bus was damaged, but luckily nothing was damaged and everything was alright. We got to Walhalla and all I have to say is wow. It really was just like the Pantheon, but with a beautiful view on the front side. Inside Walhalla was a hall full of marble. Marble figureheads of important Germans were arranged all around the hall. I saw Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Jakob Fugger, and more busts in the hall. The ceiling was decorated with elaborate blue and white patterns, and gold plated statues were systematically scattered inside. It was all very gorgeous, but the best part of the place was the goat pen farther down the road. The group went over there to admire the goats and speak to them in their language (we bahhhhed with them for a while).

I slept the entire bus ride home as well and woke up just as we arrived back at the hotel. I met up with my group and the German students to work on our presentation. We got a lot of work done, and to celebrate I went to McDonalds with Nick to get a little taste of home. I got a big mac and some fries and it tasted delicious. I am heading off to bed now so I can rest up and prepare for our castle tour tomorrow!

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