Today went to the Dachau concentration camp. Dachau was a reeducation camp used for 12 years during the Nazi regime. Unlike other concentration camp it was primarily used for enemies of the state. Anyone in the socialist party, and opponents of Hitler. It was also a reeducation camp and not a death camp. This means that people were not getting killed but being worked to death which is just as bad. There were jews at this camp but not a large proportion of the prisoners. At first the camp was bad but there were enough beds and food for everyone. By the end of the war the beds were extremely overcrowded, and the prisoners were starved and worked to death. Around 44,000 people were sadly killed. here.

Entering the concentration camp was a very weird feeling. Obviously in history classes we were taught about it and shown pictures of concentrations camps, but walking in the feeling of how real it is hits you. It looks exactly like the pictures do but all I could think about was how many people were killed here, and how horrible this place really was. We first went inside the bunkers were the prisoners “slept” as if they could actually sleep in those awful conditions. We then walked to the end of the camp where after the war a catholic church, protestant church, Russian church, a mosque, and a synagogue was put in memories of all the people who dies here of all religions. I thought that this was a nice gesture to remember the people who were at the camp.

After that we went to the crematorium. Going there really made it hit how many people lost their lives here. There was also a gas chamber there, but it was said to never had been used. Even though this gas chamber wasn’t used it didn’t make it any easier to see it. To realize that in other places hundreds of thousands of people died in similar rooms. At the end of tour, the tour guide made a pint about how we must continue to remember what happened during the holocaust so that it never happens again. It’s up to us to make sure it never happens again ever again as no one deserves to be in such an inhumane place.

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