Day 10: Castle Neuschwanstein

Today we had to be up early as we were headed to Castle Neuschwanstein for the day. Around 7 am I headed downstairs to eat the same delicious breakfast I’ve been having all trip, which consists of bacon, hard boiled eggs, fruit, a croissant, and juice.

Once finished with breakfast, we all hopped on the bus and started our drive to the castle. On the bus, I took a nap to try and rest up for all the walking we were about to do for the day. And good thing I did because as we arrived at the castle, I saw it sitting at the top of a massive hill where we were eventually going to have to hike up. Because it was so foggy, the castle had a super ominous and mysterious feel to it which was super cool to see.

However, before walking up to the castle we did some walling around a beautiful lake that was at the bottom of the mountain from the castle. We saw some small boats on the shore of the lake and really wanted to hop on one to explore the lake but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time, also I’m not even sure if we would’ve been able to.

We started our walk to the top of the mountain where the castle was. Supposedly it was supposed to take around 40 minutes to walk to the top, however Dr. Feick was walking so fast it only took us about 20 minutes. We were walking just as fast as the horses pulling people up the hill!

Once we were at the top, we took a few pictures at the base of the castle and were able to look down in a canyon where there was a river and waterfall. The view was absolutely amazing and unfortunately no picture will ever do it justice.

After some time, we kept walking up the hill to a big bridge where we were able to get an even better view of the castle. The scenery was so amazing but unfortunately it could’ve been better without all the rain that was pouring down on us. Also, everyone was so wet that it made it a little harder to focus on the beautiful views.

After lots of walking, we finally entered the castle to take a tour. Unfortunately we couldn’t take any pictures inside but our tour guide explained how the castle was built by Ludwig II who would go there to hideout from everyone because he didn’t enjoy being king. This was kind of sad to think about and made you wonder how many other kings or people with power felt the same way during this time.

Anyways, the decoration on the inside was amazing with many paintings on the wall, beautiful ceilings, and super cool furniture. It made you understand how Ludwig was able to sit in the castle for so long unbothered.

Once done with the tour, we started walking down the mountain and stopped to get donuts and lunch. For some reason everyone decided to eat the donuts before lunch but either way it was super delicious. For lunch I had schnitzel which wasn’t as great as the other I have had but it was still good.

After lunch, we walked down to the bus and headed back to Augsburg. However, we decided to take a stop at this church practically in the middle of nowhere. I was super glad we did because it was one of the prettiest churches we have visited thus far. It was so weird to see something like this in the middle of nowhere with barely anything around it. I wonder why this certain location was chosen?

Concluding my day, we headed back to Augsburg and went to the Rice Bar for dinner where I had a Vietnamese style beef and noodle bowl. It was one of the best things I’ve eaten so far on the trip and I’m super glad we got to go. Because we have our presentations tomorrow, we quickly headed back to the hotel to practice and then got to bed.

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