Day 10 in Argentina!

Day 10 in Argentina started off early again at 8:00am. We headed over to Sanatorio Arcos and had a lecture from a former board member of a mutual association. She spoke about what a mutualism is and the benefits of it. A mutual association is made up of members who contribute funds in order to be taken care for when the other members need care. A mutual association is not an insurance organization/Obras Sociales. Also, mutuals do not operate at a profit. The benefits of being in one are that it is cheaper than having private insurance. Another benefit is that you know where your money is going and if something happens you will always have coverage.

Then we headed on over to ICBA where we had lectures from some of the doctors there. They spoke about their institute and their values. Their 6 main values were patient experience, education, quality, innovation, team work, and integrity. This clinic has about 60 beds and it and they are only open from 8am-8pm. They perform cardiological operations and prioritize getting patients home that same day!

After the lectures we headed back to our hotel for lunch and then at 2:30pm we went to the mueso de los immigrantes. This museum was originally a hotel for immigrants coming to Argentina from 1911 to 1953. It hosted about 3,000 people at a time and it aimed to reduce the spread of disease in the city. I really loved learning more about the history of how the people of Argentina came over here.

See you guys tomorrow!

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