Dia numero diez

Day number ten is officially in the books. It was an early one, as we had to meet in the lobby at eight am sharp. Today was a more formal day, we returned to Swiss Medical Groups hospital, Santario Arcos. Here we got a lecture about a completely new concept to us, Mutualism. We received a lecture on Mutualism from a medical manager for one of these mutuals, Dra. Marcela Travaglini. Mutualism is a different way to finance healthcare, which involves a group of people who voluntarily agree to pay a monthly fee, that is set by the board of directors for the mutual. The board then pulls all the money together and is then responsible to distribute it to those in need. The members of the board are members for only a year, and then they have to step down. If you’re a member of the board of directors you cannot run to be a member again until you haven’t served for three years. There are a couple of benefits to being a member of a Union rather than your typical insurance company. One of the benefits of being a member of a mutual is that you voluntarily become a member of the mutual compared to a Union which you’re obligated to join by law. Another benefit to being a member of a mutual is that you know all the members of the mutual. So when you are giving your money to the mutual, you know who you’re helping and aren’t just giving your money to a random group of people. After learning about mutualism we visited a private cardiovascular clinic. The moment we walked in they had a video of a coronary artery bypass graft which almost made m sick. I’m glad I’m a business student because I could not deal with seeing something like that. Here we learned about the functions and benefits of being a part of a specialty clinic rather than a general hospital. Finally, we visited an immigration museum. Argentina had a very large influx of immigrants, at one point one-third of the people in the streets of Buenos Aires was an immigrant. And that concludes day ten, thank you for tuning in everyone.

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