New Generation

With the recent emergence of Artificial Intelligence, our society and the way that business is done is destined to change dramatically. This could be an event as significant in human history as the emergence of the internet. During that time, companies who failed to adapt to the changing climate ultimately went bankrupt while companies that were able to effectively leverage the newfound technology flourished. Everything I have read about AI suggests that this will occur once again as in the business world the companies that are fast to adapt will eventually eat the slow.

Microsoft is one company that is devoted to expanding the role of AI in our society, and I believe that with the launch of the “Copilot” software Microsoft will create a powerhouse of a product and redefine the software used in business, education, and everyday life. I believe this will be a major benefit to society in nearly every aspect as it will allow for lower skill activities to streamlined and allow us as a collective to focus on attention on the higher-level problems that only us as humans are able to solve. However, AI will be unable to create personalized and emotionally/mentally significant work. Although AI has the human learning ability, it is innately non-human and unable to add the certain touch or finesse to work that only we can. This can be seen in the marketing and communications industry that ThinkHouse operates in. I found it interesting that they created separate teams to complete the same assignment, and the human generated campaign ended up doing better than the AI generated alternative. This is also can lead to copyright issues as AI “steals” the works of previously existing material to generate its own response. On this topic, I think that is great for our society that Microsoft is placing such a large focus on “responsible AI.” With all the benefits that come with the adaption and mass use of AI also comes many dangers, so it’s comforting to know that one of the key players in making AI publicly available is aware of these dangers and putting emphasis on mitigating these potential downsides. In all, I think that although AI can make a majority of the tasks, we complete more efficient and less costly, there are tasks that only humans are able to do because the AI lacks a personality in a sense. Because of this, I doubt there will a future where we are dominated AI, but rather it will be a tool that we can use to improve our society.

The culture within a business is one of the most important factors that determine whether a company will succeed or fail. Culture can be loosely defined as the set of beliefs and attitudes that create the work environment. The culture is formed by how upper management treats their employees and the resources and programs that they provide for their workers. However, the main determinant of culture is the personality of the employees and the nature of the relationships formed between employees.

I was thinking about this for a while, and although I was very impressed during the site visits to both Google and Microsoft, I think that I would prefer an environment more similar to that of DocuSign. Google and Microsoft had incredible facilities with so many activities and resources provided for the workers, but I feel like I wouldn’t be that successful in that environment. I think I would get distracted by all of those offerings and not take my work seriously. On the other hand, DocuSign had a culture that was more focused on the work itself. I get easily distracted, so I think that would be a more fitting environment for me to work and develop within. I also really liked that the speaker for DocuSign said that everyone within the company is easy to work with and get along with. It is super impressive that within such a large company that the speaker has only encountered one person that he did not particularly like. I am very non-confrontational so that seems like a perfect environment for me. However, I wish we had the opportunity to tour DocuSigns physical office building to be confident in this response.

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