Taking in Czechia

The opportunity to experience a different way of life for close to weeks has been incredible. We have not been living the life that locals do by any means. Many of activities we have taken part in are touristy or something locals would not typically take part in. Yet, there are moments where we are immersed in the community. Exploring on our own and going to grab meals are elements of everyday life where you get to notice the intricacies of culture here. Tasting the food and attempting to understand language or behavior patterns is part of learning. I will take home knowledge from company visits. Professional experience holds an important place in this program. However, I believe the cultural experience will hold a more valuable and long lasting place with me. 

I like think of myself as fairly curious. I have always thought about the idea of exploring different regions of the world, particularly in recent years. I had not left North America prior to this program. It is exciting to cross Czech Republic off the list. When I say that, I am not ruling out coming back. I have fallen in love with this country and everything about it. I look forward to continuing my journey upon the end of this program. Next stop is Salzburg.

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