Day 13: Last Day in Cyprus

Today was our very last day in Cyprus which was a little sad to say the least. We started off our day with the delicious breakfast next door for one last time before we set off on a walk to Schulte Shipmanagement Training Center (BSM) which was only roughly 5 minutes from our hotel right outside the marina. Here we were given a tour of the whole building and the many rooms within it. The building to my surprise was built like a functioning ship with an engine room, a kitchen, and even places for crew to sleep at night. While at BSM we were taken to a simulation room where there was an active group participating in the simulation. The simulations were interesting as we got to witness the captain changing the weather, the waves and how active they were as well as adding more boats to the water to make it difficult for navigation by the crew and help them to learn how they would navigate these conditions in real time. Overall, this business was one of the more interesting ones to visit based solely off how it was laid out.

After learning about BSM, we travelled to Omodos Village. When we arrived, we were taken to a restaurant to get Meze again, and in my opinion this has been the best meze of the entire trip. After lunch, we were shown around and got to go inside of Timios Stavros Monastery. The Monastery was beautiful inside and reminded me a lot of the Church of Saint Lazarus with gold plated stuff everywhere. After the monastery we were given some free time to explore the area. Me and a couple of others hiked a little bit up the hillside nearby to get some great pictures of the scenery. Omodos Village reminded me a lot of Lefkara in a sense because of the tight crowded roads and also the fact that it was up in the mountains like Lefkara.

After arriving back from Omodos Village we were given some time to relax before heading off to our farewell dinner at the Dionysus Mansion. When we arrived, there were already a couple of Pitt alumni sitting down, and more started to trickle in as dinner was going on. It was very nice to talk to some of the alumni and hear their advice. They also had some stories from back when they were in college to tell us. After we finished dinner, we headed back to the hotel to finish packing before we departed for the states.

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