Presentation Day!

The day has come; presentation day. The project that’d we have been working on with our group along with the German students is being presented today. I don’t have too much to talk about today because the majority of the day was preparing for and doing the presentations. In the morning, I woke up early and went to the gym. We then met with our group at the university and practiced our presentation a few times. I got a vegan chicken by accident and I think it destroyed my stomach because it hurt the rest of the day. My group was presenting on Forvua, and unfortunately we had to go last. I get a little nervous about presenting but overall I think it went pretty well! We took a picture with our group before leaving and made our way to the goodbye dinner. It really set in that our trip is almost over and made me kind of sad, but it was fun to talk more to the German students, especially the ones coming to Pittsburg next year. I got another schnitzel because I figured it would be my last for the trip. 

While thinking about the presentation and the trip as a whole, I realized how much I’ve learned about the industry and business in general. I’m also so happy I got to experience an entirely different culture. I’m definitely sad to leave soon, but we have one more day tomorrow. We’re going to Salzburg, which should be a good time. See you tomorrow!

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