Day Eleven – Final Presentations

Today was a highly anticipated day: the day we had to present our research and recommendations for our assigned companies with our groups.

Today I got to wake up a bit later than usual, which was nice because I have frequently felt that I’ve been behind on sleep during this trip. Around 11:00 am though, my presentation team and I took the public tram to the University of Augsburg to meet the German students in our group. We headed to a room in their library to practice our presentation, which took about an hour. After this, we went to the Mensa (dining hall), which serves very good food!

After this, we made our way to the business school building, where our presentations were held. Our group, presenting on Grob-Werke, was the third group to present. I think that our group did very well, and many people were interested in knowing more about Grob and our findings, so we answered a lot of questions afterward.

The rest of the day after this was very relaxing, and I spent a lot of time reflecting on how quickly this trip has flown by. We had our final dinner together as a group at the Ratskeller, and it was absolutely delicious!

Thanks for coming along! Next stop: Harry Styles in Munich!

– Juliana Alvelo-Davies

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