Day in the Mountains

With our last day of exploring having arrived, I was excited, yet saddened. We started our day off with a tour of Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) training centre, which is a place where people can go and get the training required to be a shipman or an engineer on a boat. We got to see all the simulators in work and even some students using them in live practice. They ran their ship aground due to a sandbar, but we gave them the benefit of the doubt, as we were a distraction to them.

After watching this simulator, we were shown the live classroom area where students learn the books side of shipping, with them later moving to simulators after. The next simulator we were shown was the engine room simulator. This sim has operators that are engineers and not shipman. The amount of complexity in this simulator really overwhelmed me. The engineers will take care of that.

Following our tour, we headed to the Omodos mountains to eat some lunch and explore. We ate a cool little restaurant with some great meze style food. After eating we toured a monastery that was beautiful. It had ancient byzantine architecture and had preserved lots of history from the church. After we were given some free time to look around. Using this time, I decided to take a hike up the mountain. The view from above was absolutely breath-taking. I spent most of my time fully basking in the sun atop of the mountain before we were to return back.

Once we returned back we were giving some free time before we headed to our farewell dinner. We got another Meze style dinner, but this one was a little bit fancier. We got to expand our network with some Pitt alumni who decided to attend the dinner. We spoke a good bit about the rise of artificial intelligence and the way technology is shaping the future industries. With our last day coming to an end, it was a nice way to spend it.

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