Harry Styles

Today is our twelfth day in Germany which means it is our free day. Today some friends and I traveled to Munich to see Harry Styles in concert. Since we didn’t have any program today we got to sleep in again which was really nice after having to be up early for most of this trip and having to leave by 5:30 am tomorrow. Even though the concert didn’t start till 7:30 we had pit tickets so we had to be there early in order to get a good spot.

Around 12ish we started to get ready so that we could leave around 1ish to be able to catch a 2:00 pm train. Since we slept in, we ended up stopping at McDonald’s before boarding the train as it was a holiday and not much was open. McDonald’s in Germany is definitely different then from back at home. It tastes a lot healthier and they have a lot more vegetarian options than the US does.

Once we made it to the train station, I will not lie we had some trouble getting tickets. The machine was in german and we couldn’t get it to transfer over to English. After much frustration, we were finally able to get them on one of my friend’s phones. We then sprinted to the train as it was about to leave in two minutes and thankfully we made it. Once on the train it was a quick ride to Munich.

After we got off of the train we had to head to the stadium. We weren’t entirely sure on how to get there so we decided to uber as it was fairly cheap at the time. While waiting for the uber we saw a side of Munich that we did not experience while touring it for the first time. For early in the day, many people were out drinking and causing some trouble for others. One guy even spat on a passing Ferrari. But once we saw other girls dressed up with jewels on their faces and boas around their necks we knew we were at least in the right area. Policeman had the final road to the stadium blocked off so we had to walk. Once we walked back there were numerous huge lines which we had to ask around which one we should be in. We later were able to get ahead in the line and by this time it was around 4:10 and the doors opened at 4:30.

Once the doors opened we sprinted to get merch as we knew they would sell out. We all got matching hoodies and others bought more clothing. When all gifts were purchased we made our way officially into the stadium. There we got a decent spot in the pit and now only had to wait three more hours until the concert started. By the time the opener went on we had managed to scootch our way towards the front of the pit. The opener was Wet Leg which to be honest I had no clue who they were. I did really enjoy their music however. Once they finished we had a half an hour until Harry came on.

By 8 we managed to get ourselves to the front of the pit. Harry came out and performed all his top songs. He was amazing. Since we were at the front we were so close to him it was unreal. Two of my friends even cried. He performed for about an hour and a half and by the end of it I had no voice.

The hard part now was trying to get out of the pit. It was a flood of people trying to make their way off of the floor so it took a while to escape. Once we were out we had to ask around on how to find the bus that would take us to the subway as the signs were not very helpful. Once we got to the bus it was packed with people and we barely made it on but I was determined to get back to the hotel sooner rather than later. Once we got off the bus we then had to navigate the subway as it was not the same on as a guard had told us earlier. Thankfully there were nice people around to help us. Once on the subway it was easy. We made it to the train station and were able to buy tickets much easier this time. We then had a lot of time until our train left so we just sat and waited.

When we arrived it was around midnight so it was very late. We were all exhausted from the long day and standing for a majority for it so we went back to our rooms, finalized packing and then crashed.

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