Home from Ireland!

I am back in Pittsburgh after a long flight! I had a great time in Ireland, but I am happy to be back home. I had a long weekend of traveling to Denmark, Sweden, and London. All of these places were beautiful and so much fun to visit!

Looking back on the two weeks that I spent in Dublin, I realized that I have learned a lot about myself. The biggest thing that I have learned about myself is how independent I am. Not only was I able to travel to a different country without my family and friends, but I was also able to enjoy time and explore on my own. I was nervous going into this trip that I would not be able to have a good time on this trip because I would be too scared to do things by myself, but I was able to get past this fear and have a great time exploring Ireland. I ended up doing a lot of things by myself, including the Guinness Storehouse, touring St. Patrick’s Cathedral, exploring different museums, and even doing a Viking Tour (which was a lot of fun)! I was also nervous about going to restaurants by myself, but I got past this fear as well and was able to enjoy different options and try some very tasty options. After doing these things, I have learned how to enjoy my own company and do the things that I want to do even when I do not have anyone with me. 

Additionally, looking at some skills that I was able to learn in Ireland, I believe I learned a lot about different cultures. From my own adventures and various site visits, I was able to come in contact with people from different cultures and backgrounds. In a short period of time, I was able to learn how to better communicate with these people. Communication is a great skill to have in business, and I will be able to effectively use the skill that I learned in Ireland in the workplace as I talk with people from different backgrounds and cultures than my own.

Overall, I had a great experience in Ireland, and was able to gain a great skill and learn a lot about myself.

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