This blog is for me to talk about the Germany trip overall and to reflect back on important aspects of the trip. Germany was a very enlightening and positive experience for me. Not only that it was the first time I have been outside the country, and I picked a good one to visit. 

The first main big difference in Germany is that they take a lot more measures when it comes to sustainability. One example of this is that most bottles are glass, however, to encourage people to recycle them you can return them and get some euro coins back. Another big difference is transportation. While a lot of people opt to take a car to drive in Germany, taking a tram or train might be more convenient. First off they are a lot cleaner than American transportation. These transports are also everywhere and the tram is probably the most convenient transportation because the main station is in the center of the city usually and there are multiple teams that can take you where you need to go.

The main reason we went to Germany is to visit the different companies that are involved in the automobile industry. The automobile industry is now shifting to e-mobility. This very important for sustainability, but for some car companies it will be hard for them to secure their future. Some companies like Forvia are in trouble because they make exhaust systems for internal combustion engines. While they can be fine now, there future could be in jeopardy as the shifting car industry moves to electric. Companies like Audi would be in demand for e-vehicle parts which Forvia currently does not have. To see what these companies are doing to stay relevant and up to date is interesting to me. Ultimately, I know the future in the automobile industry is electric vehicles, but some companies switched to hydrogen fuel cells or focused on other industries. 

Germany was a wonderful place to visit and I would like to visit again if I could. From the many different places I visited such as the Alps and different cities, to the car companies and restaurants I visited I can say that Germany was a great place to visit. I would definitely recommend anyone to go to Germany and Omar least explore the different sites and places it has to offer.

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