The Final Blog Post: A Reflection Of The Plus 3 Global Project

As the Plus 3 Global Project draws to a close, I have been asked to take some time and reflect on some of the key lessons that I have learned during this unique experience. If I were to write about everything I have learned from the last 3 weeks, I would be writing multiple blog…

One Week Left! My Experience With PLUS 3 So Far

As we finish off another week of the PLUS 3 Global Project, I can’t help but reflect on the time I’ve spent so far. As we near the final week of the program, all of the teams are in full work mode as we prepare our project reports and presentations for the final case competition….

A Little Over A Week With Plus 3: What I’ve Learned So Far

Despite only being a little over a week into the PLUS 3 Global Projects program, I have learned an incredible amount about not only South American culture and lifestyle, but also about the intricacies and difficulties of cross cultural communication. Early on in our session, we were able learn about the culture map from Ms….

The Start Of An Exciting New Journey: A Quick Introduction!

Hi everyone and welcome to the first of a few blog posts about my experience with PLUS 3 over the next 2 weeks! My name is Rohan Krishnan. I am a rising sophomore with intended majors in Finance, BIS, and Economics as well as a certificate in Business Analytics. In addition to participating in the…