Meet Plus3 China 2017!

Welcome to the China Plus3 Study Abroad Program!

Each year, a group of freshman engineering and business students will conduct a 2-week field study in several cities China. The field study includes company visits, sightseeing, and lectures in China, and the students will learn about international dimensions of engineering, business, and culture. Each student will keep a daily journal and post it in a blog during this period. This year, the theme of the trip is “supply chain of mobile phone industry”.

In 2017 students will explore globalization in China through smartphones.

Smartphones have not only transformed the professional and personal spheres, but their design, production, and distribution is a fascinating case study in globalization. Background on China’s history and politics will give you a foundation to use during company visits, which highlight everything from cell phone manufacturing to global marketing departments as you travel from Beijing, Xi’an to Shanghai. Q&A sessions with company executives and representatives will allow you to dig deeper into business and engineering practices, and better understand the interdependencies of the global market.

  • Company visits included Cheetal Mobile, Microsoft, Du Pont, and TE Connectivity
  • Cultural activities have included The Great Wall of China, Terra-Cotta Warriors, and Yu garden visit
  • Locations will include Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an

Meet the Plus3 China Student Bloggers

2017 Participants:

Oluwaseun Adetayo | Evan Becker | Justin Carter | Candice Chang | Bradford Distler | Robert Doherty | Sophie Engel | Chloe Feast | Kieran Fitzmaurice | Lauren Grice | Athena Grivas | Sabrina Helbig | Nilaani Kayamboo | Kevin Kretz | Jacob Lasher | Eli Lipsman | Madeleine MacStudy | Kevin Millad | Angeline Peng | Brian Randall | Hanna Smyles | Hayley Tovey | Shreyas Vasudevan | Chandler Yocca

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Meet the Program Staff:

Lei Li

Dr. Lei Li

Assistant Professor
Swanson School of Engineering
906 Benedum Hall
Phone: (412)-624-3691

Jordan Dent

Jordan Dent

Engineering Programs Advisor
Program Assistant
Swanson School of Engineering
Benedum Hall

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