Meet Plus3 Italy 2017!

Welcome to the Italy Plus3 Study Abroad Program!

Professors Jack Patzer and Mary Duquin are traveling to Milan, Italy with 20 College of Business Administration and Swanson School of Engineering students from May 6 – May 20. In addition to numerous cultural experiences, the trip will include visits to Como Textile, Milan Textile, MF1-Mario Faroni Knitwear Factory, Sartorial Cavour Tailoring Company, and Lineapelle Leather Company.

In 2017 students will explore globalization in Italy through the textile and fashion industry.

Academic content includes site visits to highlight Italy’s history and reputation as one of the world’s leading countries in the high fashion and luxury brand markets. Lectures focus on Italy’s historical background providing context for the company visits where you will learn about the business and engineering practices that highlight the nation’s reputation as the top producer of high-end textiles and fashion. From the manufacturing to the design practices, these visits provide a firsthand look at the supply chain of these industries.

  • Site visits have included Como Textile, Milan Textile, MF1-Mario Faroni Knitwear Factory, Sartorial Cavour Tailoring Company, and Lineapelle Leather Company
  • Cultural activities have included a visit to the Uffizi gallery, a meet and greet with local students, and a historic walking tour of Milan
  • Locations will include Milan and several surrounding cities

Meet the Plus3 Italy Student Bloggers

2017 Participants:

 Rahul Bidanda | Samantha Blum | Grodon Bryson | Ahlena Davies | Alaina Donnelly | Olivia Drohan | Nathaniel Dykstra | Matthew Fletcher | Stephanie Folkmire | Matthew Hoover | Maryrose McLaughlin | Livia Molinaro | Amanda Mroz | Sumiran Shah | Cassandra Smith | Jason Sosnowski | Jennifer Stolakis | Nicholas Trinovitch | Taylor Vivino | Sydney Winner

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Meet the Program Staff:

John Paizer

Dr. Jack Patzer
Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator
Department of Bioengineering
Swanson School of Engineering
302 Benedum Hall
Phone: 412-624-9819


Dr. Mary Duquin

Associate Professor, Emeritus
Program Assistant
School of Education
128 Trees Hall
Phone: 412-648-8274


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