Lights, Camera…

…and action! Hello and welcome to the first post of my travel blog! I’m so excited to be documenting my journey across the world into the lovely country of Vietnam. Traveling is a big part of my life, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited around 18 countries, and by the end of this summer – 20 (I’m going to Costa Rica after Vietnam)! I’ve been to Asia three times before, and I can’t wait for this summer to be my fourth.

Anyway, I’m Kendra Fang and I’m enrolled in the College of Business Administration. I’m currently a freshman and planning to double major in Marketing and Finance with a minor in economics and studio arts, as well as the Certificate Program in Leadership and Ethics. I always just tell people I’m from Philly because it’s easier, but to be more specific, I’m really about 40 minutes outside of Philadelphia in the King of Prussia area (yes, with the big mall).

I chose Plus3 because it is the perfect first-year study abroad experience. It’s only 2 weeks, so I have a full summer afterwards too! They offered such cool locations, and it was a hard decision picking Vietnam from all the wonderful destinations. In the end, Vietnam really stuck out to me because of how unique of an experience it is. Not many people get to say they’ve visited Vietnam, let alone studied abroad there. It would definitely be a talking point to use during interviews. And of course, THE FOOD! I love asian cuisine, so I am super excited to have an opportunity to try authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Can’t wait to gain 10 pounds!

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