From Me to V(ietnam)


My name is Mark Novales and welcome to my blog post. I am extremely excited to be adventuring to Vietnam. I can’t wait to experience a whole new country and learn important information at the same time!

I am currently a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh’s College of Business Administration. I am pursuing a degree in Finance, a minor in Economics and a certificate in Leadership and Ethics. I am looking into maybe adding on another major in Business Information Systems or  a certificate in Global Studies. Who knows? This trip just might make me reconsider my academic pursuits.

I am from the city of Philadelphia. From the actual city, like the City of Brotherly Love. I am proud of where I’m from and love my hometown, but I am ready to see what the rest of this world has to offer. That’s one of the reasons why I chose Vietnam. Unlike other college students that study abroad, how many do you know that travel to Vietnam? It is just such a unique and interesting opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. Since I want to see more of the world, I know that am going to want to study abroad again but I plan on visiting a Latin American country that speaks Spanish. I figured that I should take advantage and go somewhere that was extremely different from anything that I’ve seen. Vietnam is that place.

Vietnam is a developing country that is experiencing massive economic and global shifts. The topic of our experience is centered around the topic of development. This resonates with me because I believe that effective economics development in other countries is the most effective method to increase the standard of living and general condition of that country. It is utilizing the structure of business to make a real impact and help others. That is why this trip is important because it will show that my life and my education is much bigger than me. It is about the impact I will leave on others.

Until next time!

Mark Novales

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