At Harmony in Germany

After another 24 hours of precipitation and clouds I have accepted the weather. Like water I go with the flow and my feet tap right left right left, through the streets of Augsburg like the drumming of raindrops on the roof. I am one with the rain. In all seriousness, as  I progressed through the second day of Augsburg I felt myself settling down into the pacing of life in Germany. On the tram ride to the University of Augsburg, I started to pick up on the names of the important stops and recognize the landmarks around me. The University itself was very intriguing. Although small, the mesh of nature and modern architecture around the campus created a different vibe than the strong divide between landscape and structure on Pittsburgh’s Campus. Seeing vines and branches grow up along the sides of buildings created an interesting contrast to the modern and clean interiors. The cafeteria on the campus was also quite a sight to behold. It felt very Utopian in the color scheme, layout, and flow. I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of food available and, after a gesture heavy conversation with one of the workers, found myself with half of a pizza, inch thick fries, and a delicious bread roll on my plate. After lunch it was time for the scavenger hunt and although it was a rather mundane adventure, I took some nice pictures from unique perspectives, such as from the top of the Perlach Tower in the town square. Later in the day it was time for dinner. Pizza. Again. However I did try Spezi which is a mixture of cola and orange soda and quite popular in Germany. Tomorrow is our first company visit and I am very excited to begin touring the various facilities. Along with the visits beyond Augsburg, the upcoming days should help me forget about the miserable weather.

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