Day 2: Back to School

The second day began much like the first. I woke up a little later, around 7am, and tried again to access the internet. This time, I was able log on and finished posting the blog from our travel day with the small amount of time I had. At around 8:30, we took off for the Central University of Finance and Economics, otherwise known as CUFE. One thing that struck me during the ride there was just how big Beijing was. We must have traveled for close to 2 hours and we were still seeing high rise apartments everywhere. Only during the last 10 minutes of our journey did we finally see things open up into more of a forested area. We arrived on campus and were quickly herded off into a lecture room to begin the seminar. The professor, Dr. Yao, presented an overview of the culture of technology in China and the major differences between the US. He also mentioned some of the data analysis he was doing about consumer preferences in advertising. The precision with which companies could track their consumers was both amazing and a little scary at the same time, but Dr. Yao had a positive outlook on the situation. At lunch, I talked to him a little more about his research, and about his own experiences in the U.S. and China. He described the exchange program that he went through that allowed him to study for a year at the University of Pennsylvania, which is only an hour from where I live. Lunch finished, and some of the students took us for a tour of their campus. Apparently, there was still a lot of construction going on, but the library was beautiful. It had 7 floors, automated book check out, and a seat reservation system that everyone agreed needed to be implemented into Hillman. We also toured through the expansive athletic facilities where we watched students participating in mandatory PE classes. We had our own interesting mandatory physical activity when the tour guides broke out the jump rope. Finally, we boarded the bus again and traveled back to the hotel.


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