Planes, Trains and Sleep Deprivation (May 6-7, 2017)

Getting to Germany from Pittsburgh was exhausting, exciting, and boring all at the same time.  It all started with meeting at 2:45 am to get on the coach bus that took us to the airport.  We then boarded our first flight to go to Newark around seven.  That flight lasted about one hour.  Then we had to endure a nine-hour layover.  We managed to stay sane by playing some games in the airport.  Some of us played sardines which is basically reverse hide and seek where one person hides, and when you find the hiding person, you hide with them.  I also played a few games of solitaire and played on one of the many iPads at the airport for a while.  My presentation group also took time to work on our introductory presentation about KUKA, a robotics company.  Our final flight was supposed to depart at 5:30 pm but there was a half hour delay due to an error with the navigation system.  The food on the plane was surprisingly good and I watched two movies and two episodes of Planet Earth II.  When we were nearing Munich, I got to glance out the window and the rolling hills and farmland of Germany instantly reminded me of back home in Lancaster Pennsylvania.  We finally landed just after 8:00 am local time.  After a short bus ride, we arrived at the hotel, unpacked, had a snack of pretzels and sandwiches and left on the tram to tour Augsburg around 1:00 pm.  All in all, we traveled about 36 hours with only a few power naps thrown in and we still had a six-hour day ahead.  I was exhausted but it was a wonderful experience and I ended up in an entirely new country!    DetterG02

-A view from inside the tram 

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