Cheetah and Microsoft Visits

Today we started our company visits with trips to both Cheetah Mobile and Microsoft. Cheetah Mobile was an incredible experience as we started the visit by being spoken to by the Chief Technological Officer of the company who gave us an overview of the company and very informative answers to questions that we posed about the company. After the speech, we took a tour of the office, which was absolutely incredible. There were so many things that the company implemented to improve employee satisfaction including ping pong tables, a massage room, and even a slide. Cheetah seemed as though it were an extremely progressive company. It seemed like no one that worked there was over the age of 35. Overall I was blown away by the company’s office and the business as a whole. After the visit we went to Joy City mall to have another delicious lunch. After lunch, we made our way to Microsoft’s Beijing office where we were given a rundown of the incredible technology that Microsoft has to offer. We even got to try their newest technology, the Hololens. The Hololens is a mixed reality device that allows users to mix the real world with virtual reality images. This visit was also very informative and incredibly interesting. Overall the company visits exceeded my already high expectations. The day had an interesting conclusion as we traveled to the market where every price was negotiable. I bartered a price down from 480 to 135, but am mad at myself for not trying to get even lower. Overall today was the most busy and interesting day we have had so far. Excited to see what tomorrow brings!

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