Glass Egg: A Gamer’s Paradise

Today’s site visit at Glass Egg Corporation was fascinating. The company works on graphic designs for many big-name video game companies. They are known for their detailed work and unique techniques with designing primarily cars, but they are also slowly expanding their work into other specialties including weapons, science fiction space ships, and more recently, outside environments. The corporation started the company with the sole focus of designing cars for most car racing video games which put the company into an exclusive market of buyers that were solely interested in cars. This excluded them from the remainder of the video gaming industry, resulting in the loss of a significant amount of business that they could have acquired. However, since their specialty was cars, most companies went to them for all car-related business over others, since they were best in the area. They also had limited competition in Vietnam with most of their competitors in China. However, the competition in China does not affect Glass Egg as significantly because the Vietnamese company has a competitive advantage with its cheap labor costs and high brand equity since there are few competitors in the country. This also contributes to the fact that most employees stay loyal to the company and do not have as many alternatives to work. Although the company is growing exponentially, for they plan on hiring more employees to further focus on environment designs and expand their target market, their next move is to improve on the processing technology as video game graphics continue to advance in quality and one day achieve “real time speed”.

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