Runaway Horses

In both locations, I thought things looked very rural and traditional. There are signs that haven’t been repainted, spaced out houses with traditional architecture, and farmer stands every other block. Also, their society is built around nature. I think this is prevalent in Costa Rica’s mindset as well. I know there is a lot of focus on environmental sustainability right now, and I think protecting the environment is a part of their culture. The only thing that I kept noticing on the pacific side that swayed from this idea is all of the litter. I know that Dr. Lizano covered this topic a little bit. Ever since he mentioned the litter, I’ve been noticing it. It’s a shame, the litter and graffiti really take away from beautiful Costa Rica.

The other thing that I noticed was the poverty. There were a lot of houses that looked like shacks. It’s really eye-opening to look through some of the impoverished parts of Costa Rica and see how people live. You could tell that some of the houses were made by hand, not by a professional company. They looked unstable and, frankly, unsafe to live in. On the other hand, life seemed very simple. Again, it was very rural. There wasn’t much going on while driving through the Pacific Coast or Monteverde. The shops, restaurants, and houses looked very very simple. I can’t really describe it any other way. Costa Ricans seem to value “the simple life” and don’t get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle (like Americans).

It’s been a couple days since we arrived in Costa Rica. The drive that we took today definitely changed some of my perceptions that I had since Saturday. We drove through some pretty rural areas, which is completely different from the city, Heredia, we’ve been staying in. I saw random stray horses on the side of the road, cows sitting in front lawns, fruit/vegetable stands, numerous farms, and tons and tons of verde. One thing is for sure, my perception of Costa Rica’s beauty hasn’t changed. Every time we take a drive through Costa Rica, I am pleasantly surprised with the amount of tropical fruits and vegetation.

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