Terra Cotta Warriors & A Bike Ride

The first thing we did on our seventh day in China was visit the TerraCotta Warriors. I learned much about this attraction in school, so I was looking forward to this visit. On the way there, our guide Cindy gave us the history of this place, and the emperor behind it: Qin Shi Huang. This emperor build this tomb to bury all of his riches with him, and his tomb itself has still not been opened since it is filled with so much mercury it would harm the surrounding environment. He ordered these 8000 warriors to be built to protect his treasure, and then buried the 700,000 people who all build the whole tomb alive, and buried his 3000 concubines alive when he died as well. The citizens later went to his tomb and smashed all the warriors since they hated the emperor so much. It took 2000 years for the tomb to be found, and it will take another 500 to excavate and rebuild all the warriors. The museum was very crowded, and more amazing than the warriors, were the people who pushed and shoved you to get ahead of you in every line, from getting through security, to actually trying to see the warriors. I do not think the concept of forming lines has been introduced to Chinese society. After this visit, we went to the City Wall and biked along it, which was so far my favorite visit. While the bike seats hurt my butt very much, and were very low, biking the 8 mile stretch was very relaxing and it was beautiful to see the city along either side of it. My favorite part of today was when Eli crashed into the wall and burst the front tire of his bike. I really enjoyed our last day in Xi’an, and while I am looking forward to Shanghai, it was nice to see a more traditional, less Western side of China, and I truly had a great time here.IMG_4196

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