Be Back Soon , Moving into the Palace

We started the day at the Cat Lai Terminal, one of the largest ports in Vietnam from Saigon Newport Corporation. Saigon Newport Corporation has become one of the most modern and professional container terminal operators in the country. The terminal takes care of jobs like cargo handling, logistics, maritime services, salvage, pilot, real estate, office building, civil and military construction and transportation services. When dealing with customs, each container must be inspected. The containers are put into three groups. The containers in group 1 have passed inspection. Group 2 includes containers that raise suspicions or other concerns. Lastly, group 3 included containers that have failed the inspection and must be put through an x-ray and complete examination. The port is in an ideal location due to its convenient location to the major highway in the city. It was cool to see “behind the scenes” of basic shipments of goods that we purchase often.

After lunch, we took a tour of the Reunification Palace. The palace was gorgeous and had high-end décor and authentic Vietnamese accents. It also had a very 70s style. Each room had beautiful paintings on the walls and detailed wooden designed furniture. It had high ceilings, long drapes, and was well lit with natural lighting through the tall windows. The rooms are also accented with historical treasures to Vietnamese culture. The palace served as a presidential home and workplace. Today, the palace symbolizes the end to the war to most locals. It is a reminder to every one of the hardships the Vietnamese faced and the challenges they have overcome.

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