Are we there yet?

Once again, I didn’t wake up in time to eat breakfast. But it’s cool, I ate a snack on the bus that I had bought the night before. We went to yangshan port and it was about a 2 hour bus ride. During a big chunk of the ride, we gained information about logistics from a speaker named Mac Sullivan. He lives in Shanghai but he’s original from Virginia and went to school in Georgia. He’s currently the Greater China Trade Lane Manager for Toll Global Forwarding. He’s a freight forwarder, an agent who handles shipments for a fee. He told us about the types of transports, terms of sale, units of measurement, important players in logistics/supply chain, trends in logistics, and gave us tips for success in this field. After his talk, we had some time to sleep on this bus (yay) before we got to the port. We got to the port, looked at how things are shipped with the different containers, took pictures, and then left. Psst. Fun fact: Yangshan Port is the biggest port in the world!

Next stop, lunch! I’ve had Chinese food for so long that I’m beginning to lose taste for it. Obviously I still really like it and it’s delicious, but it’s the same with Nigerian food, when I eat it for too many days in a row I get tired of it. After going to Pitt for the first time in August, not having Nigerian food for a long time made me really miss it and feel like I took advantage of it before. I might feel the same way about Chinese food after we go back to the states. Speaking of going back, I can’t believe it’s almost time to go. Everything kind of happened so fast.

After lunch I went to the convenience store to buy ramen for dinner and then took a long nap in my hotel room. After my nap, I ate the ramen and hung out with 2 other girls on this trip. We are on the 20th floor of the hotel so we have such a good view of the city. Especially at night! Later I worked on my blog and then we walked around at night. It was a pretty chill day and I can’t wait to explore more of Shanghai tomorrow.

Thanks for reading:)

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