Car Wars Episode XI: The Moment of Truth

Good news: no wake-up call. Bad news: presentations in the evening.

As such, this will be a very short blog.

I decided to wake up early so I could go to the university gift shop and buy myself a shirt before meeting with my team at 10 a.m. The German students never cease to amaze me with how much they get done ahead of time and how well they can create aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint slides. We worked on our presentation for the majority of the day and had a small lunch break at Mensa in the early afternoon. At 5 p.m., our final moment of ultimate judgment commenced. Overall, I believe that every single student gave their absolute best effort, and we all did a great job of demonstrating what we have learned over the course of one and a half weeks. Upon the seminar’s conclusion, I decided to grab dinner at the Unikum café on campus. I must say, chowing down on currywurst with French fries was the best way to celebrate not having the worry about presentations anymore.


Phew, finally got all that over with. This goes without saying, but tomorrow’s events will be far more fun and will help ease my mind after a long evening of presentations.

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