Arrival and First Day in Shanghai

Today got off to another early start as we had to wake up to catch our train to Shanghai. Fortunately, I was able to catch up on some sleep during the 6-hour bullet train ride from Xi’an. After another uncomfortable ride, we finally arrived in Shanghai. From the moment we stepped off the train, the high population was making an obvious impact. The train station was massive and very hectic with hundreds of people running in every direction. When we finally worked our way through the crowds, we made it to our bus and headed to the hotel. Our hotel here is the nicest one yet and finally has Wi-Fi that works at an acceptable rate. Our first stop in Shanghai was the history museum that had exhibits and wax figures portraying the beginnings of the city. It was interesting to compare how much shorter the history of Shanghai as opposed to the rich and long history of Beijing and Xi’an. After the museum, we went to eat at a Szechuan restaurant with all kinds of spicy foods. I even got to try frog for the first time here. Our final event of the day was easily my most anticipated one. We made our way to the Bund where we got to take a cruise tour around the city. The skyline of Shanghai is absolutely incredible, especially at night. The view was highlighted by the Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building in the world. This was easily the most impressive city skyline I have ever gotten the chance to see. All around, Shanghai is shaping up to be my favorite city we have seen here yet.

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