Donghua University Visit and Lecture

Our second day in Shanghai consisted of another visit to a local university. This time, we got to visit Donghua University to learn more about the smartphone and E-commerce business. When we first got to the university, we were given a lecture about the rapidly growing field of business in these fields. This lecture was just as interesting as the one we received in Beijing and reinforced many of the ideas regarding how important and prominent the E-commerce business is in China today. After the lecture, we got to meet up with some of the students at the university and ask questions about the similarities and differences to American universities. As we were eating lunch with the students, I realized that one of the main differences between the universities is that the food in the dining halls of Chinese universities is much better than Market food at Pitt. After lunch, we got to tour the campus and do a short group activity with the students. Our day ended early as we made our way back to the hotel around 3 o’clock. When we returned to the hotel, I was able to take a long nap and recover from all the activities we have been doing on this trip. When I got up from my nap, some of us decided to make our way to Nanjing Road, one of the busiest shopping streets in the county. Here, we were able to get dinner and look in stores that I liked to pretend I was able to afford. This area was very cool and seemed comparable to Times Square in New York. Finally, we returned to the hotel to get ready for more company visits tomorrow.

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