Day 11: TE Connectivity & DuPont

We had two company visits today. Our first stop was at TE Connectivity. The TE Connectivity plant in Shanghai is known for making connectors. Although the lecture from the speaker was quite short, I was still able to get a solid idea of what this company was about.

The factory tour was really interesting. I saw the behind the scenes of how many of the products are made. It was cool seeing how most of the products were assembled by machines and quality control was done by humans.

After our visit to TE Connectivity, we ate lunch at a restaurant called Bi Feng Tang. I had wanted to go to this restaurant my first day in China because I was craving dim sum. The food, once again, was absolutely delicious. We even got honey toast for dessert. I had honey toast once in Taiwan and was never able to find it again. I was delighted when I saw the house of toast and ice cream brought to our table.

Our last company visit for this trip was at DuPont. DuPont works mainly with chemicals to create different, but useful products. The tour of the company was really fascinating. I loved seeing the Innovation Center, where we got the opportunity to test out many of their products from washable wallpaper to wireless phone charging. The behind the scenes glance of their factory was also pretty cool. I liked seeing how many of their products were made and the testing that they have to go through to make sure their products will work and last for many years.

When we got back to the hotel, Shaymi, Chloe, and I attempted to find the bubble tea place again. This time we were successful! We took the bubble tea back to our hotel and finished our group presentations. I can’t believe tomorrow is our last full day in China. I’m going to miss China.

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