Day 10: Yangshan Port

I was really excited for this day because we were going to go visit Yangshan Port — the largest port in the world. The port was about a two-hour drive from our hotel. Along the ride, we had a guest speaker named Mac Sullivan. He works for Toll, which is a freight forwarding company. He explained the logistics behind imports and exports, which was really interesting. I was surprised to hear that the average salary of someone who works in logistics is about $100,000.

Mac spoke for about twenty minutes before letting us sleep. I was thrilled when he announced that he would let us rest just because I find it very easy to fall asleep during car rides.

When we arrived at the port, we saw many containers. It was filled everywhere, no empty space at all! Mac told us that around October, it’s even more crowded because they’re preparing shipments for Christmas. I can’t imagine how filled and busy the port must be around that time.

We were only at the port for about thirty minutes. After, we drove two hours back into the city of Shanghai and grabbed Shanghainese food for lunch. The food was really great, as per usual. I was really sad that we didn’t get a chance to eat soup dumplings though because that is Shanghai’s most famous dish.

After lunch, Chloe, Shaymi, and I tried to find a bubble tea place near by, but accidentally took a wrong turn. Because none of us have data to connect to the Maps app, we decided to give up. We stopped at a local convenience store to buy ramen and snacks. Then we went back to the hotel to eat and work on our group presentations.

I fell asleep around 8:30PM just because I was so exhausted and didn’t get much sleep the previous nights. I woke up at 12AM and went back to sleep around 3AM. My sleep schedule is so messed up!

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