Finally to Shanghai

Today had a very early start. I woke around 5:30 and checked out around 6 before heading to breakfast. The group then boarded the bus, headed to the train station, then jumped on the high speed train. Again, I was very disappointed that the high speed train had no wifi. The train ride was about six hours before we arrived in Shanghai.

The drive through Shanghai was beautiful and so was the hotel we arrived at. We quickly unloaded our bags before leaving for the history museum. The museum had many wax figures and focused on modern Chinese history.

After exploring the museum, we walked through a giant fancy mall to get to our restaurant. This was my new favorite meal! I loved the rice, tofu, chicken, and beef dishes. At the end of our meal, the waitress served us each a yogurt cup with honey, berries, and nuts! Watermelon was also served at the end just like at our other dinners. This was the fullest I’ve been since coming to China. This meal was the kind of meals that I was expecting when I thought of authentic Chinese food.

Next, the group boarded a cruise along the water. It was extremely crowded waiting in line, but once we got on it, it was very peaceful and pretty. The skyline and water were breath taking. This ride reminded me of taking the water taxis in New York City. We cruised along the water for forty minutes before heading back to the hotel.

Today was a nice change. I definitely can tell that I already like Shanghai so much better than Beijing and Xi’an. I’m looking forward to ending the trip on a good note in this fun city.

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