Taco Tuesday in Shanghai

I really enjoyed my first breakfast in Shanghai! A chef made me scrambled eggs and I also got watermelon and potatoes. After breakfast, the group arrived at Donghua University.

The university was small, but very green. The classroom we arrived in was nice and new. The group listened to a long lecture about Chinese e-commerce before heading to lunch. We were paired up with a university student that took us to different dining locations. For lunch, I ate rice with chicken and potatoes. I enjoyed my meal and the students at this school said they are happy with food served.

Next, the group walked around the campus before going back into the classroom to make Chinese knots. Nilaani and I failed miserably, so we decided to take a break and find some coffee on campus.

We headed back to the hotel and took naps before heading out to dinner. Jordan organized a meal at a nice Mexican restaurant for us girls to go to. The restaurant was a short walking distance from the hotel in the French district. We arrived at the restaurant and luckily it was taco Tuesday! I got amazing grilled fish tacos. I really enjoyed a chill night talking to Jordan and Maddie. After filling up on Mexican food, we decided to walk around outside. It didn’t take long for us to find a bakery. The bakery across from our hotel had beautiful pastries, cakes, and macaroons. I bought two vanilla bean macaroons to end my night. They were just as delicious as they sound!

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