Back To School! (Monday, May 8)

Yesterday was closed with going to sleep at about 9 p.m., which was much needed after that three-day-long day. Today was my first full day in Germany, which was exciting to say the least. It was an early start with hotel breakfast, consisting of one yogurt, one cup of tea, and one roll with Nutella spread. This was the first day going to University of Augsburg, to which we also took the tram. The University was neat because in ways it was like American universities with all the students bustling around and the buildings, but different because most students did not live there. Instead many students lived in the surrounding areas and took the tram or walked or biked to school. Also, tuition is also nonexistent, so they don’t have to worry about student loans or debt when they graduate.

We had our first “class” where we met Professor Paul and our German students. Right after the introductions we split into our respective company groups and had about an hour to put together a presentation introducing the company for which we were responsible. My group worked well together and our presentation went well. Following the presentations, we had lunch at Mensa (the University’s cafeteria). The Mensa was quite different than a place like Market Central, where it is open for a certain few hours each day and the food was paid for a la carte. However, the food seemed higher quality and less students seemed to be there. The highlight of that meal was the apple filled crepes in a sweet sauce.

After lunch, we braced the rain, and met a few master’s students that will be attending Pitt in the fall. We were split into groups, led by the students, and did a scavenger hunt of the University and downtown Augsburg. We again visited the Town Hall, but we also climbed the Perlach Tower and all 261 of its steps to see the lovely view of Augsburg. The scavenger hunt helped with group bonding and as a second tour of Augsburg. After the scavenger hunt, we had some free time, but then we had to meet for dinner. We went to Dragone, and Italian restaurant where I had a delicious pizza. GalaydickM06

This was a good first full day in country and meeting all the cool people. So far so good!

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